Email Marketing Predictions for the Future

Email marketing is stronger than ever and continues to be the most powerful and effective digital marketing channel. It delivers the highest return of investment (ROI) of any marketing strategy and can help increase website traffic, customer brand loyalty, customer engagement and sales. In this article, we look at the future of email marketing and share email predictions for the next decade. What do you think the future of email marketing will look like?

b1Email Marketing Will Get Smarter
Email marketing will integrate everything from customer shopping habits to customer behavioral data, customer preferences, and customer location to deliver the right message to the right customer at the right time. This will make email even smarter in the future as email content will be customized to meet the unique preferences of each consumer.


b1Email Programs Will Get Better
Email programs will get better at helping consumers manage their in boxes and will give consumers more sorting and management options based on email content and filters instead of just sorting email by date.


b1Email Personalization Will Reach a Significant Level
Email will be even more personalized in the future as 1-to-1 marketing becomes more of a reality. Email triggers will also be automated to deliver personalized content to customers.


b1Cross Channel Marketing Will Grow
Technology will manage cross channel messaging so consumers will receive the same messages through email, social, mobile and other digital channels, creating a truly integrated marketing experience.


b1Email Will Drive Success of Other Marketing Channels
In the future, email will not only be seen as the most effective digital marketing channel that produces the highest ROI, it will also integrate with other marketing channels to help increase the effectiveness of all marketing strategies.


etargetMedia-06Email Will Get More Interactive
Email will get more interactive by integrating embedded video, social sharing, forms, and ecommerce. Consumers will be able to purchase products and services, watch videos, share on social sites, comment and more without ever leaving their inboxes.


etargetMedia-07Experienced Email Marketing Professionals Will be Valued as Top Talent
Smart companies will recognize the value of truly experienced email marketing professionals and will seek out top talent in the field to manage all digital channels with email leading all other marketing initiatives.


etargetMedia-08The Smartest and Most Innovative Emails Will Drive Interaction
In the future, trillions of email messages could be sent every day. The smartest, most innovative and dynamic emails will get the most engagement as more and more messages compete for customer attention.