Smart Tactics for the Email Marketer

There are various ways that you can increase your open rates.

email-marketing-globalIf you are a marketer for a company, chances are you’ve already explored the avenues of email marketing. Here at eTargetMedia, we strive to maximize your email marketing results with targeted lists that help you reach responsive customers that are likely to purchase your products and services. You may be struggling to obtain a new customer base and if you have not implemented email marketing successfully, you may believe that email marketing is not right for you. Fortunately, we’ve provided some strategies that will help you get back onto the right track.

No More “Dear Mr. or Mrs.”

It’s time for you to turn to the wonders of personalization. By practicing this strategy, you’ll develop a relationship with the buyer and learn about their interests and what appeals to them. For example, one of your clients purchased a blazer from your store. You might push similar products and styles in your next email that would appeal to them.

Don’t Overextend Subject Lines

Keep your subject lines between 60 to 70 characters. Anything after 70 characters is considered the “dead zone”, and according to studies there are significantly less click throughs and open rates with long subject lines.

Optimize Deployment Time

The optimal deployment time for email campaigns is in the morning and during the day. Tuesdays and Wednesdays are the most popular days for opening emails. We at eTargetMedia want you to reach out to the consumer at a time where they’ll actually look at your emails. This will result in a higher open rate and potentially more business for your company.

How to Completely Ruin Your Email Marketing Campaign

Sending E-mail Concept - Email and Newsletters Campaign

Email marketing is a powerful digital medium that can dramatically increase sales. Its effectiveness has been proven in the field for years now and marketers continue to utilize this tool to help bring in new customers. However, not every campaign can be hugely successful off the bat. It’s a process that requires experimentation and sifting through enormous amounts of data. At eTargetMedia, we know what it takes for an email marketing campaign to actually get through to the reader – and it definitely doesn’t involve bombarding the customer with repetitive emails.

Make a Good First Impression

Your subject line can be essentially viewed as your first impression. Think of it as your make or break point. If a customer isn’t wowed, he or she will just skip over it or trash it. Focus on making your subject lines interesting and informative. Make your customer feel like they’re missing out on a great opportunity if he or she doesn’t open it.

Engaging Design

Here at eTargetMedia, our team of professionals incorporates a creative, yet professional design that’s easy to read, properly branded, and effective. Many marketers believe that fancy images, bright colors, and huge logos automatically imply an “important” company. But, factor in the amount of time it takes for a computer or smart phone to load all those images. Since most people now check their emails via mobile, it’s important to keep the pages loading fairly quickly.

“One and Done”

Running one email campaign isn’t enough to garner the attention of your customer base. In fact, most consumers won’t interact with an email on the first send. Rather, habitually send emails incorporating different advertising strategies to declare which one works effectively.

eTargetMedia Provides Email Marketing Campaigns That Work


eTargetMedia-Provides-Email-Marketing-Campaigns-That-WorkEmail marketing campaigns should be approached with strategy in mind. Consider this – beginning a campaign without any optimization or collection of data will most likely result in subpar results at best. It’s important that when you deal with marketing that you take it one step at a time. Because in the end, you want to improve your business value and become well-known in the public eye, rather than being labeled a spammer.

At eTargetMedia, we can help guide you through the complications of email marketing campaigns. Our dedicated strategists will walk you through each step and answer any questions that you may have. Our services offer a way to create a targeted email campaign that will not just increase customer engagement, but provide results as well. Realistically, your marketing goal isn’t to have your customers open your email, read it, and do nothing. It should be about introducing new customers to your business and have them perform an action that results in a sale.

Years of Experience and Trust

eTarget Media only works with the best email-marketing strategists. Our specialists understand what it takes for an email campaign to not only provide results, but to also elevate a business. It’s an ongoing process that requires trial and error, creative development, testing, and other methods. We want the best for our clients, which is why we created a platform that brings out the full capabilities of a business that’s looking to expand.

Email Marketing Predictions for the Future


Email marketing is stronger than ever and continues to be the most powerful and effective digital marketing channel. It delivers the highest return of investment (ROI) of any marketing strategy and can help increase website traffic, customer brand loyalty, customer engagement and sales. In this article, we look at the future of email marketing and share email predictions for the next decade. What do you think the future of email marketing will look like?

b1Email Marketing Will Get Smarter
Email marketing will integrate everything from customer shopping habits to customer behavioral data, customer preferences, and customer location to deliver the right message to the right customer at the right time. This will make email even smarter in the future as email content will be customized to meet the unique preferences of each consumer.


b1Email Programs Will Get Better
Email programs will get better at helping consumers manage their in boxes and will give consumers more sorting and management options based on email content and filters instead of just sorting email by date.


b1Email Personalization Will Reach a Significant Level
Email will be even more personalized in the future as 1-to-1 marketing becomes more of a reality. Email triggers will also be automated to deliver personalized content to customers.


b1Cross Channel Marketing Will Grow
Technology will manage cross channel messaging so consumers will receive the same messages through email, social, mobile and other digital channels, creating a truly integrated marketing experience.


b1Email Will Drive Success of Other Marketing Channels
In the future, email will not only be seen as the most effective digital marketing channel that produces the highest ROI, it will also integrate with other marketing channels to help increase the effectiveness of all marketing strategies.


etargetMedia-06Email Will Get More Interactive
Email will get more interactive by integrating embedded video, social sharing, forms, and ecommerce. Consumers will be able to purchase products and services, watch videos, share on social sites, comment and more without ever leaving their inboxes.


etargetMedia-07Experienced Email Marketing Professionals Will be Valued as Top Talent
Smart companies will recognize the value of truly experienced email marketing professionals and will seek out top talent in the field to manage all digital channels with email leading all other marketing initiatives.


etargetMedia-08The Smartest and Most Innovative Emails Will Drive Interaction
In the future, trillions of email messages could be sent every day. The smartest, most innovative and dynamic emails will get the most engagement as more and more messages compete for customer attention.


Why “Spamming” Emails Won’t Help Your Marketing Campaign

Why-Spamming-Emails-Wont-Help-Your-Marketing-CampaignMost, or all, of you are familiar with email spam. It’s the unsolicited email that has no form of personalization and is clearly sent in the masses. Maybe if you’re bored or curious, you’ll look into the email, but chances are that’s as far as you’ll go before sending it to the spam folder and moving on.


The Consequences of Spam


Thousands of businesses continue to flood inboxes with spam. It’s been so bad these past years that email platforms are being enhanced with spam-fighting security features. If you’re a business that’s looking to utilize email marketing, make sure that you avoid spamming the pants off of your clients. Not only will you get your ISP blocked, but you’ll also be prohibited from sending email at all. What’s worse is that you might be branded by many as “that one company that won’t leave me alone”. Your reputation is at stake here. Chances are that by unintentionally labeling yourself as an annoying brand, you’ll lose a significant amount of clients.


Instead, focus on your content. Why spam an inbox with, what they might deem worthless, content that they wouldn’t even care to read, when you can incorporate useful tactics into your content that pique their curiosity? Analyze your email and create something that’s worth reading. The goal is to generate leads, not lose them.


Email marketing remains one of the most effective forms of marketing to date. It has the ability to propel your business into a lead generating machine. Implement the proper tactics and be prepared to witness your business take off to the next level. eTargetMedia has the solution in their marketing lists that avoids spam filters by promoting honest emails to your clients.


Bio: eTargetMedia is recognized as one of the largest and most reputable providers of postal and email lists in the industry. eTargetMedia only offers permission-based email lists that have been highly categorized.


Improve Your Subject Lines and Increase Open Rates


Email marketing is stronger than ever, delivering the highest engagement, acquisition, retention and conversion rates of any digital marketing strategy. The key for any company to achieve email success is standing out from the crowd with strong email subject lines, creative headlines and personalized content that resonates with consumers. The first goal of any email campaign is to get consumers to open the email and one of the most important elements of measuring your email campaign success is tracking your email open rates. Here are 6 ways to motivate your subscribers to open your email messages.

b1Create Engaging Subject Lines
Your subject line is the customer’s first impression of any email message. The subject line needs to engage customers to motivate them to open your email. A/B splits and creative testing are the most effective ways to create strong, engaging subject lines that resonate with customers. Aim for a short and personalized subject line and test, test, test.


b1Personalize Your From Lines
Email recipients check email from lines to see if they know the person sending the message. Using a company name for the from line is a great way to reach customers who are already familiar with you but consider using a person’s name from your company to make the from line more personal and increase chances of the email being opened.


b1Avoid Spam Filters
Email filters are becoming more sophisticated. If your message ends up in the spam folder, your open rates will be severely affected. Avoid using subject lines that will trigger spam filters. Don’t use subject lines in ALL CAPS or the words free, sale, deal, discount, coupon or special offer.


b1Segment Your Email Lists
Segmenting your email list can help ensure that you are sending relevant content to email subscribers. You can segment your list by purchasing preferences, interests, time since last purchase and more. By segmenting your list into groups of similar customers, you’ll be able to send highly relevant content to each subscriber group and improve your open rates.


b1Write Directly to Your Customer
Emails are much more likely to be opened if it sounds like the email is written directly to the customer. Use the email recipient’s first name in your subject line or email opening to increase open and engagement rates. This level of familiarity will keep your customers opening your email messages in the future.


etargetMedia-06Optimize Your Email Send Time
You must know your target audience’s email habits to determine what the best time to reach them is. The middle of the week during business hours is typically the best time to reach consumers with targeted email messages. Track your email data including open rates to determine email open and engagement patterns that will lead to open rate success.

Incorporate these strategies into your next email marketing campaign to improve your open rates, increase customer engagement and conversions and maximize your ROI.

Email Marketing is Stronger than Ever!


Think email marketing is dead? Think again!

Email marketing is still one of the most powerful digital marketing channels and email marketing success rates are stronger than ever. Email marketing is the only marketing channel that delivers a $44 to $1 return on investment and has the highest customer engagement rates of any marketing strategy.

Here are a few important facts that prove email marketing is stronger than ever:

– Top marketers consistently give email the highest marks when it comes to achieving marketing goals.

– Email marketing beats social media, search engine optimization, paid search, display advertising, content marketing and mobile marketing in customer engagement and conversion rates.

– Email marketing is regarded as the most effective marketing channel for building brand and product awareness, improving customer acquisition and retention and increasing conversions.

– 76% of U.S. companies see the potential of email marketing over the next 5 years.

– Email marketing conversion rates are at least three times that of social media conversion rates, according to a Forbes report.

– Email delivers a far greater share of acquired customers than social media (nearly 40x that of Facebook and Twitter combined).

– Smart phones, watches and tablets have led to increased email use as consumers can check email on the go and 64% of consumers read their email via mobile devices. That number is predicted to grow 23% this year.

These facts prove the importance of email in customer engagement, acquisition, retention and conversion. Email marketing is still the best way to reach customers effectively.

Crafty Ways to Personalize Email Subject Lines


Written by: eTargetMedia

Email subject lines are the first thing that your recipients are going to see. If you want to garner interest, than make sure that your subject lines are flat-out amazing.

Sure, you can create the greatest email that has all the bells and whistles, but if your recipient just disregards it and moves on to another email, then all of your hard work is just going unnoticed. Many even argue that you should spend twice more time on your subject line than you would the body of your email.


Personalizing your subject line may not sound hard to do – because it really isn’t hard. Take examples from various social media sites that send you emails on a regular basis. They get straight to the point but also pique your interest at the same time making you curious to see what else is in the body.

Additionally, there are smaller details that you should focus on as well. You can further personalize the subject line with their first and last name, gender, and details of what actions they’ve taken on your site. A generic mass email does nothing in terms of personalization and can just come off as robotic.

Series Campaigns

Combining an informal subject line and incorporating a welcome series is a logical way to increase conversion rates. By creating a series campaign, your recipients will know who you are exactly as well as the chance to build up momentum. These campaigns are known to increase open rates significantly if done correctly.

Bio: eTargetMedia offers targeted postal and email lists along with creative services. They can help customers develop HTML email campaigns along with create or refine landing pages and websites.

Email Personalization Can Lead to Open Rate Success


Written by: eTargetMedia

If you open up your inbox and find a flood of emails from those persistent business marketers, would you really go through each and every one of them? Neither would most people. Using email lists as a marketing platform can be a complete game changer when done the right way. At eTargetMedia, we know that in order to separate yourself from all the noise, you’re going to need to approach your emails with a certain characteristic that makes your readers want to peek inside out of curiosity.

How to Personalize

Email personalization can drastically improve your email marketing campaigns.

Understand the different characteristics of the people that you’re targeting. This could mean having some quirky buyer personas, or even looking into their goals.

Personalization is all about “not” coming off as a marketer in your emails. Honestly, nobody enjoys feeling like they’re being marketed to. As a marketer yourself, it’s important that you make your prospects feel like you’re catering to their needs and offering them a product or service that will add significant value to their lives.

Value Your Customers

If you’ve recently sold a product or service, take the time to draft a follow-up email and send it to the customer to thank them. Start it off with a “Thank you for purchasing/downloading!”

eTargetMedia offers email marketing lists that can be easily customized to automatically send follow-up emails to you valued customers. We know that there needs to be a level of familiarity to keep your customers continuing to open your emails in the future.

Email Segmentation on the Rise With Marketers


eTargetMedia knows that it’s important for businesses to be able to reach their customers with messages that speak to their specific interests and needs. Our email lists are highly segmented by a range of demographic, geographic and lifestyle choices to allow marketing campaigns to connect the right message with the right audience. Research from the DMA National Client Email Report 2015 shows the importance and growing acceptance of targeting email marketing campaigns.

‘According to the report, only 3 percent of all companies surveyed failed to perform any segmentation of their email lists and messages. By contrast, the number of companies that do apply segmentation in their email marketing campaigns has risen steadily over the past three years.

Companies are not only more likely than ever to use some form of segmentation, but they are also performing more segmentation. In 2014, 42 percent of all respondents said that they use six or more customer segmentations in their email marketing, an increase of 5 percent in the past two years.

Using audience segmentation in email marketing isn’t just smart for businesses; it also helps to ensure consumers are getting messages that are relevant to their interests. Doing this makes them more likely to open future emails from all companies because they understand that there’s a good chance that there is something inside that they will be interested in learning about.

There are many different ways that email segmentation can help a company define their audience and control who is receiving their marketing campaigns. eTarget Media can help your business take the work out of this process with our highly segmented and curated opt-in email lists.