Why “Spamming” Emails Won’t Help Your Marketing Campaign

Why-Spamming-Emails-Wont-Help-Your-Marketing-CampaignMost, or all, of you are familiar with email spam. It’s the unsolicited email that has no form of personalization and is clearly sent in the masses. Maybe if you’re bored or curious, you’ll look into the email, but chances are that’s as far as you’ll go before sending it to the spam folder and moving on.


The Consequences of Spam


Thousands of businesses continue to flood inboxes with spam. It’s been so bad these past years that email platforms are being enhanced with spam-fighting security features. If you’re a business that’s looking to utilize email marketing, make sure that you avoid spamming the pants off of your clients. Not only will you get your ISP blocked, but you’ll also be prohibited from sending email at all. What’s worse is that you might be branded by many as “that one company that won’t leave me alone”. Your reputation is at stake here. Chances are that by unintentionally labeling yourself as an annoying brand, you’ll lose a significant amount of clients.


Instead, focus on your content. Why spam an inbox with, what they might deem worthless, content that they wouldn’t even care to read, when you can incorporate useful tactics into your content that pique their curiosity? Analyze your email and create something that’s worth reading. The goal is to generate leads, not lose them.


Email marketing remains one of the most effective forms of marketing to date. It has the ability to propel your business into a lead generating machine. Implement the proper tactics and be prepared to witness your business take off to the next level. eTargetMedia has the solution in their marketing lists that avoids spam filters by promoting honest emails to your clients.


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