10 Successful Tips for a Powerful Email Marketing Strategy

Email is the number one direct communication channel in terms of daily use. Both consumers and business professionals use email on a daily basis to communicate with friends, family, clients, and potential customers. Email is thriving. Smart phones and tablets are making it even easier to access our email anytime, anywhere. Businesses all around the world use email marketing to boost sales, generate leads, strengthen relationships, increase website traffic and build customer loyalty. This is why it is so important for your business to have a powerful email marketing strategy in place.

The top things you need for a successful email marketing strategy are an opt-in, targeted email list, an effective creative email message and a comprehensive tracking program that lets you monitor and analyze your email campaign results. When planning and executing your email marketing campaigns, it is important to pay close attention to your audience and customize your email messages to their interests so your customers stay engaged with your email messages.

Set Email Marketing Goals and Objectives

Before you start your email campaign, you should develop an email marketing strategy that sets your goals and objectives for the campaign. Use email marketing to generate leads, increase sales and revenue, strengthen customer relationships and build brand awareness.

Build a Permission Based List

You can build a permission based email list by asking your customers to opt-in to receive your email messages. By offering your customers something of value such as a special discount, a free download, or more information about your products or services, customers are more willing to share their email address with you.

Rent an Opt-In List

Reach potential new customers by renting a targeted, opt-in email list from an email list company. An experienced email list company can help you plan and manage your entire campaign from email planning to list selection to creative development to email delivery and tracking. Experienced email companies can often get the best rates on email list rentals.

Segment Your Audiences

Create segmentation criteria that will help you target your messages to the right audiences. Look at specific demographic, psychographic, and geographic qualifiers. Use the complex segmentation criteria to make sure your offers are more customized to meet the needs of the email receiver. Consider doing A/B splits to send out different messages to different segments.

Focus on the Message

Think about your message and what you want your audience to do after reading the email. Customize your message based on the interests of your audience and include value added content or special offers to help increase engagement with your emails.

Use Call to Actions

Include call to actions that tell your audience what to do next. By including call to actions like buy now, download now, and contact us, you can increase the conversions of your email campaigns and improve your ROI.

Test Your Email Campaigns

By testing different offers, different lists, subject lines, call to actions and creative, you can greatly improve your conversions and ROI and see what works for your audience. Test different delivery days or different times and see what your audience responds to. Always make sure to test your final email with an in-house test group to make sure everything loads correctly, all of the links work, etc.

Use Email Campaigns As a Chance to Connect With Your Customers

Listen to your customers, personalize your email messages and add relevant content to engage customers with meaningful email marketing campaigns. Include links to your social media pages so your audience can connect with you through all of their favorite social media sites.

Track Your Campaigns

Include custom trackable links in your email campaigns so you can test and analyze different email elements. Track opens, clicks, leads, conversions and unsubscribes. When running ongoing email campaigns, tweak your email campaigns as soon as you see the first results.

Measure Your Results

Measuring your email campaign results is the key to understanding what works and what doesn’t so you can continue to improve your results for future campaigns. Incorporating these tips into your email marketing strategy can help you increase your results.

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