Three Questions to Ask Before Working With an Email Append Service

Three Questions to Ask Before Working With an Email Append ServiceUndertaking an email append campaign can help your business quickly and efficiently grow the number of recipients of your email marketing newsletters. By matching your incomplete contacts with information from third-party agencies such as eTargetMedia, you can greatly expand your outreach to potential customers who already know your brand.

There are a lot of companies providing email append services, and it’s important to find the right one if you want to get the best ROI for your campaign. Here are a few questions that you absolutely need to ask before working with any email append service:

“What are your sources for your email lists?”

It’s important that you know where the email append service is getting their email lists from before you start a campaign. Along with ensuring that they were obtained in an ethical manner, you also want to make sure that you can defend where they came from if a recipient asks questions about why they received an email.

“Are you compliant with industry regulations?”

Leading email append services such as eTargetMedia will make sure they are compliant with industry regulations and standards. This includes meeting CAN SPAM regulations and excluding all contacts on your company’s suppression list, the FCC’s Wireless Domains and the DMA’s “Do Not Contact” list.

“How long has your company been in business?”

When it comes to email append services, reputations matter. Make sure you are working with a company like eTargetMedia that has a long track record of success in the industry and it part of industry groups such as the DMA.


5 Key Email Marketing Metrics For Measuring the Success of Your Email Campaigns

5-Key-Email-Marketing-Metrics-For-Measuring-the-Success-of-Your-Email-CampaignsEmail marketing is one of the most powerful marketing
channels. It is the most successful marketing medium in
reaching new customers and increasing engagement and
loyalty from your current customers. One of the most
important elements of a successful email marketing campaign
is tracking campaign data and measuring your ROI. Here
are the 5 email marketing metrics you should be tracking to
evaluate your campaign success.

1. Delivery Rate: Delivery rate is one of the most important metrics in evaluating email campaign success. A
good delivery rate is over 95%. That’s why it is important to use an experienced and reputable email company.
They always have the most reliable email lists and get the highest delivery rates.

2. Open Rate: Tracking your open rate is another very important metric for successful email campaigns. If you are
sending out emails but customers aren’t opening them, you need to evaluate your subject lines to make sure you are
giving your customers a reason to open your emails. Having an engaging subject line can either make or break
your campaign.

3. Click-Through Rate: Track your click through rates to determine which messaging and which elements on
your email message generate the most clicks from your customers. Test different messages and calls-to-action by
tracking each link with a different tracking tag.

4. Conversion Rate: Track the sales and conversion rates of your email campaigns so you can easily calculate
your ROI. This will help you generate a good return on investment and determine what’s working and what needs to
be improved.

5. Unsubscribe Rate: Sometimes email receivers will unsubscribe from your message. Tracking your unsubscribe
rate will help you determine if you are sending your emails out too frequently, to the wrong people or with the
wrong messaging.

Tracking your email campaigns will help you measure the overall investment and ROI of your campaigns. Email
marketing is a very powerful marketing tool and by tracking these key metrics and using the data to improve your
campaigns, you will ensure that your campaigns succeed.

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your email campaigns to maximize your campaign results.


5 Ways to Reengage Your Customers Through Email Marketing

5-Ways-to-Reengage-Your-Customers-Through-Email-MarketingFor many consumers, email is the main way they stay connected to their favorite businesses. Most adults choose email as their favorite marketing communications channel. Over 90% of email users state that they like to receive marketing emails from companies that they do business with according to Marketing Sherpa. No one can deny the power of email but even though consumers embrace email, they can also experience email fatigue when marketers over email to them which results in email disengagement. When your customers become disengaged from your business, there are many steps you can take to increase engagement and retain them as a customer:

Personalize: Personalizing the content in your email message helps increase engagement substantially. Make your email message relevant to your customers’ needs and they will be more responsive to your emails. Ask your customers what interests them to help customize the content to their needs.

Discover What Motivates Your Customers to Respond: One of the most important steps in reengaging your customers is determining what engages them most. Do a series of email tests and use your tracking and performance data to evaluate what motivates your customers to engage and what leads them to disengage. Build upon that data to help increase engagement in future campaigns.

Let Your Customers Control the Email Experience: Give your customers the option of when they want to receive your message, how often they will receive it and the content contained in the message. When you let your customers control the email experience, it is less likely that they will become disengaged.

Create Unique Email Offers: Consumers will be more interested in engaging with your email messages if you send them unique content and offers that they won’t find anywhere else. Consider using special promotions that you only send through email campaigns. This will entice your customers to engage more with your email.

Identify Inactive Subscribers: There is no point in emailing people who are not engaging with your emails. Identify inactive subscribers and remove them from your email list if they have not engaged with your emails over an extended period of time. Removing inactive subscribers will help you increase subscriber engagement as well as the overall performance of your email campaigns.


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