Email Marketing is Stronger than Ever!


Think email marketing is dead? Think again!

Email marketing is still one of the most powerful digital marketing channels and email marketing success rates are stronger than ever. Email marketing is the only marketing channel that delivers a $44 to $1 return on investment and has the highest customer engagement rates of any marketing strategy.

Here are a few important facts that prove email marketing is stronger than ever:

– Top marketers consistently give email the highest marks when it comes to achieving marketing goals.

– Email marketing beats social media, search engine optimization, paid search, display advertising, content marketing and mobile marketing in customer engagement and conversion rates.

– Email marketing is regarded as the most effective marketing channel for building brand and product awareness, improving customer acquisition and retention and increasing conversions.

– 76% of U.S. companies see the potential of email marketing over the next 5 years.

– Email marketing conversion rates are at least three times that of social media conversion rates, according to a Forbes report.

– Email delivers a far greater share of acquired customers than social media (nearly 40x that of Facebook and Twitter combined).

– Smart phones, watches and tablets have led to increased email use as consumers can check email on the go and 64% of consumers read their email via mobile devices. That number is predicted to grow 23% this year.

These facts prove the importance of email in customer engagement, acquisition, retention and conversion. Email marketing is still the best way to reach customers effectively.

Crafty Ways to Personalize Email Subject Lines


Written by: eTargetMedia

Email subject lines are the first thing that your recipients are going to see. If you want to garner interest, than make sure that your subject lines are flat-out amazing.

Sure, you can create the greatest email that has all the bells and whistles, but if your recipient just disregards it and moves on to another email, then all of your hard work is just going unnoticed. Many even argue that you should spend twice more time on your subject line than you would the body of your email.


Personalizing your subject line may not sound hard to do – because it really isn’t hard. Take examples from various social media sites that send you emails on a regular basis. They get straight to the point but also pique your interest at the same time making you curious to see what else is in the body.

Additionally, there are smaller details that you should focus on as well. You can further personalize the subject line with their first and last name, gender, and details of what actions they’ve taken on your site. A generic mass email does nothing in terms of personalization and can just come off as robotic.

Series Campaigns

Combining an informal subject line and incorporating a welcome series is a logical way to increase conversion rates. By creating a series campaign, your recipients will know who you are exactly as well as the chance to build up momentum. These campaigns are known to increase open rates significantly if done correctly.

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