Why “Spamming” Emails Won’t Help Your Marketing Campaign

Why-Spamming-Emails-Wont-Help-Your-Marketing-CampaignMost, or all, of you are familiar with email spam. It’s the unsolicited email that has no form of personalization and is clearly sent in the masses. Maybe if you’re bored or curious, you’ll look into the email, but chances are that’s as far as you’ll go before sending it to the spam folder and moving on.


The Consequences of Spam


Thousands of businesses continue to flood inboxes with spam. It’s been so bad these past years that email platforms are being enhanced with spam-fighting security features. If you’re a business that’s looking to utilize email marketing, make sure that you avoid spamming the pants off of your clients. Not only will you get your ISP blocked, but you’ll also be prohibited from sending email at all. What’s worse is that you might be branded by many as “that one company that won’t leave me alone”. Your reputation is at stake here. Chances are that by unintentionally labeling yourself as an annoying brand, you’ll lose a significant amount of clients.


Instead, focus on your content. Why spam an inbox with, what they might deem worthless, content that they wouldn’t even care to read, when you can incorporate useful tactics into your content that pique their curiosity? Analyze your email and create something that’s worth reading. The goal is to generate leads, not lose them.


Email marketing remains one of the most effective forms of marketing to date. It has the ability to propel your business into a lead generating machine. Implement the proper tactics and be prepared to witness your business take off to the next level. eTargetMedia has the solution in their marketing lists that avoids spam filters by promoting honest emails to your clients.


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Improve Your Subject Lines and Increase Open Rates


Email marketing is stronger than ever, delivering the highest engagement, acquisition, retention and conversion rates of any digital marketing strategy. The key for any company to achieve email success is standing out from the crowd with strong email subject lines, creative headlines and personalized content that resonates with consumers. The first goal of any email campaign is to get consumers to open the email and one of the most important elements of measuring your email campaign success is tracking your email open rates. Here are 6 ways to motivate your subscribers to open your email messages.

b1Create Engaging Subject Lines
Your subject line is the customer’s first impression of any email message. The subject line needs to engage customers to motivate them to open your email. A/B splits and creative testing are the most effective ways to create strong, engaging subject lines that resonate with customers. Aim for a short and personalized subject line and test, test, test.


b1Personalize Your From Lines
Email recipients check email from lines to see if they know the person sending the message. Using a company name for the from line is a great way to reach customers who are already familiar with you but consider using a person’s name from your company to make the from line more personal and increase chances of the email being opened.


b1Avoid Spam Filters
Email filters are becoming more sophisticated. If your message ends up in the spam folder, your open rates will be severely affected. Avoid using subject lines that will trigger spam filters. Don’t use subject lines in ALL CAPS or the words free, sale, deal, discount, coupon or special offer.


b1Segment Your Email Lists
Segmenting your email list can help ensure that you are sending relevant content to email subscribers. You can segment your list by purchasing preferences, interests, time since last purchase and more. By segmenting your list into groups of similar customers, you’ll be able to send highly relevant content to each subscriber group and improve your open rates.


b1Write Directly to Your Customer
Emails are much more likely to be opened if it sounds like the email is written directly to the customer. Use the email recipient’s first name in your subject line or email opening to increase open and engagement rates. This level of familiarity will keep your customers opening your email messages in the future.


etargetMedia-06Optimize Your Email Send Time
You must know your target audience’s email habits to determine what the best time to reach them is. The middle of the week during business hours is typically the best time to reach consumers with targeted email messages. Track your email data including open rates to determine email open and engagement patterns that will lead to open rate success.

Incorporate these strategies into your next email marketing campaign to improve your open rates, increase customer engagement and conversions and maximize your ROI.