Strategies to Improve Lead Generation via Email Marketing

At eTargetMedia, we strive to provide you with the most efficient email marketing services for your business. As seasoned specialists, we have endured countless trials of understanding the analytics and strategic methods of successful lead generation. In order to achieve positive gains, we dove into the depths of email marketing and analyzed each positive trend. Here are some tips to get you started on the path to relevancy.

Opt-Outs Are Actually Okay!

Often times, you will find that users will only be interested in receiving specific mail from an interest type – like weekly deals and coupons – rather than every bit of marketing email from your brand. You can cater to this by creating a link to the email preference page that allows users to easily opt out of the emails that they wish to not receive. Your recipient will remain engaged if you give them the freedom to control their preferences and what they receive in their inbox.

Honor Your Consumer Preferences

Brands tend to send too many emails, which in turn overwhelms the customer. If you are receiving a large volume of opt outs from customers choosing to receive less email from you, consider sending an email that combines multiple emails into one. While you may have difficulty grabbing the attention of the customer with daily emails, combining them into a weekly one may be the solution to your problem. eTargetMedia can help you achieve this success with their optimized email lists.

eTargetMedia – 5 Tips for Writing Effective Email Marketing Messages

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One of the most important elements of any email marketing campaign is writing effective marketing messages that are optimized to engage your customers and generate results. You will drive more leads/sales from your email messages if your email message is relevant to your customers needs and shopping preferences and has a purpose to motivate the customer to act on your email. Things like prominent call to actions, email personalization and engaging subject lines can all help boost your email marketing campaigns. Here are eTargetMedia’s 5 most important tips for writing effective email marketing messages.

b1Get to the Point
Make sure your email marketing messages have a clear purpose. Your email copy should be short and to the point to optimize customer engagement. Email inboxes are more crowded than ever so it’s really important to grab your customer’s attention with concise offers that clearly outline what you are trying to pitch.


b2Use Engaging Subject Lines
Entice your customers with an engaging subject line. Your subject line is the driving force behind whether your email recipients open your message or not. You need to create powerful subject lines that will motivate your customers to open the email. If your subject line fails to grab your customer’s attention, they may automatically delete the email and even if they open it, they may not give it their full attention.


b3Personalize Your Email Marketing Messages
Include personalized content in your email marketing messages to make the email recipient feel like they are important to your business. This could include adding the person’s first name or a special promotion that is unique to them. You can also use customer segmenting to customize content to different consumer clusters. This can go a long way towards building customer brand loyalty.


b4Use Optimized Preheader Text as an Extension of Your Subject Line
Preheader text is the short line of text at the top of your email that follows the subject line when an email is viewed in the inbox. Many email clients display preheader text to summarize the email to the receiver before they open it. Consumers often use the subject line and preheader text to decide whether or not to open your campaign. Keep your preheader text between 40-50 characters and make it compelling.


b5Include a Strong Call to Action
The most successful emails include strong call to actions (CTAs). Make sure your email recipients know what you want them to do. Action verbs such as click here, order now, shop now, call now or sign up will encourage your customers to take the next step. Also, make sure you put your call to action in a prominent place and test different CTAs to see what generates the highest results.


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