eTargetMedia – Email Marketing Delivers Strong ROI and Outperforms Other Media

Email marketing is the go-to channel for marketers and continues to grow, engage consumers and deliver positive ROI. Mobile use has helped email to thrive and given a positive boost to email marketing ROI. The Direct Marketing Association and Demand Metric surveyed US marketers in June 2016 and found that email delivered a median ROI of 122%, over four times higher than other marketing channels including direct mail, social media, paid search and online display advertising.


As stated in eMarketer, agency professionals and in-house marketers agree about email’s effectiveness. According to a March 2016 poll from Econsultancy, both in house marketers and agency professionals named email marketing as delivering the strongest ROI, at over 73%. Both groups also agreed that email delivers a large part of overall company sales.

Email open rates are also on the rise.
According to a 2016 analysis of all emails sent from a large email data provider, open rates are on the rise at 33.3% which is higher than the past 3 years. Bounce rates are also at their lowest at just over 4%.

Email revenue continues to increase.
Revenue from email has also increased. The Relevancy Group’s survey from December 2015, found that 24% of US email marketers said email marketing initiatives accounted for over a quarter of their overall revenues, increasing from 13% in 2014.

With the number of email accounts increasing every year, email marketing will continue to see growth and will remain one of the most effective marketing channels. If you need help developing a targeted and strategic email campaign that produces measurable results, contact eTargetMedia. Visit us online at