Email Marketing Outperforms Social Media

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In today’s digital focused world, brands have so many different channels to engage customers but email marketing still surpasses all digital marketing channels including social media. According to recent studies, email marketing has the largest user base overall, is the preferred method of communicating with brands, drives more sales than social media, has greater reach than social media and produces more ROI.

Here are 5 extremely powerful statistics that prove email marketing outperforms social media

b1Email marketing has a larger total user base than social media and it has the largest user base of every age group. Email also delivers the greatest targeting and segmentation abilities including demographic, geographic and psychographic selections.



b272% of consumers prefer to receive brand content through email, while only 17% prefer to receive their brand messages from social media platforms. In addition, almost 60% of consumers state that they check email as soon as they wake up and check email multiple times a day. Only 14% of consumers state that they check social media first.



b3Over 50% of consumers subscribe to a brand’s email list for promotional offers but only 20% of consumers will follow a band on social media. 60% of consumers stated that they purchased from a brand as the result of a marketing email but less than 15% have purchased from a brand because of social media.



b4Email marketing has greater reach with email messages reaching about 80% of the target audience (with an average email open rate at 22%) while social media posts reach less than 1% of the targeted audience.



b5Email marketing delivers a median ROI of 122% which is over four times higher than social media.



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Over 90% of consumers check their email every day so it’s easy to see why email marketing is the top performing digital marketing channel. According to the Association of National Advertisers and the DMA, email marketing has a median ROI of 145% which is over 3 times higher than social media, paid search, direct mail and online display advertising.

In addition to being the highest driver of ROI, email marketing is also the top performing channel for customer acquisition and customer retention. According to the ANA and DMA, email marketing has a customer acquisition rate of 87% and a customer retention rate of 90%, which is way above all other marketing channels.

The Data & Marketing Association’s Response Rate Report also shows that email marketing is still the most profitable, with the lowest cost per acquisition across all media types at $10.32.

Email marketers can see great performance and opportunities from email marketing — but only if they work with an experienced and reputable company that truly understands the industry.

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