2019 Certified Association of National Advertisers (ANA) Marketing Professional



eTargetMedia’s managing partner Harris Kreichman has been accredited as a Certified Association of National Advertisers (ANA) Marketing Professional. eTargetMedia has over 25 years of email and marketing industry experience and is committed to following all industry standards as set by the ANA.

eTargetMedia goes above and beyond adhering to marketing standards and committed to completing the rigorous Certified ANA Marketing Professional courses so that clients across all industries and verticals can be assured they are working with true marketing experts.

The ANA’s certification program will help eTargetMedia elevate their client’s marketing campaigns by providing insight into marketplace drivers and best practices — from strategy, to execution, to attribution and success metrics. The program combines comprehensive brand marketing strategy with customer-centric techniques and digital, data, and analytics training — giving eTargetMedia an advantage in the industry.

Learn more at https://www.etargetmedia.com/certified-ana-marketing-professional/