B2B Email Marketing Tips to Help Boost Sales

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While social media gets all of the buzz, email marketing is still the most important element of any digital marketing strategy. Email marketing produces the most sales conversions and highest ROI of all marketing channels. Email also has the highest customer acquisition and retention rates. Strategic use of email marketing can help increase B2B sales and make a major difference in your bottom line. One way to ensure your email marketing campaigns are successful is to stay tuned in to the email trends and follow the trends that consistently produce positive results. Personalization, customer segmentation and ensuring your emails are mobile-friendly are the key considerations that should be involved in your email strategy. If you are looking to increase your B2B email marketing performance, then these key factors should be considered.

Why You Should Use Email Marketing in Your B2B Campaigns

Email is an integral way to communicate for most of the businesses in the world. From building customer relationships to gathering customer data, email is an essential part of any business. Based on this fact alone, marketing to your customers through email makes perfect sense. Email click through rates in B2B campaigns are 47% higher than in B2C campaigns, and about 59% of B2B professionals say that email marketing is their most successful revenue-generating channel.

Benefits of B2B Email Marketing

B2B email marketing has many benefits but the most important benefits are:

  • Customer Acquisition and Retention: Email marketing is an excellent tool to attract new prospects and keep your current customers loyal to your brand.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Email marketing has the highest ROI of any marketing channel and the lowest cost to implement.
  • Measurable: Email marketing provides a variety of tracking options including open rates, click-through rates, conversion rates, and more.

How to Use Email to Boost Your B2B Sales

  • Segmentation is Key – Divide your email list into smaller targeted customer segments so you can personalize your email based on customer interests. List segmentation increases email open rates by almost 40% and improves revenue by over 700%.
  • Personalize Your Emails – Personalized emails can deliver 6x higher conversion rates and personalizing content can increase open rates to over 18%.
  • Be Consistent With Your Email Schedule – Send out emails daily or weekly to your loyal list of email subscribers. This can help result in a higher number of sales from your B2B contacts.
  • Make Content Engaging – Your emails should be short and concise so that your email recipients are engaged with the message and act on it. Emails with a concise and shorter message receive the highest click through rates.
  • Use Interactive Elements – Interactive email content can increase the click to open rate by over 70%.
  • Make Your Emails Mobile Responsive – Almost 70% of email marketing campaigns are opened on a mobile device. Make sure your email creative is mobile friendly to help keep customers engaged and drive sales.
  • Send Automated Emails for Abandoned Cart Transactions – When buyers leave your website without completing their purchase, send an abandoned cart email offering a special discount or free shipping to motivate them to complete the sale. This can help boost the email open rate to over 45%.

These tested and proven email marketing tips have helped our clients increase their B2B email marketing sales. Contact us today to learn more about successful B2B email marketing strategies.