5 Ways to Build Your Email List Quickly


By: eTargetMedia

There are many reasons why email marketing is favorited by so many businesses today. Email marketing continues to deliver the highest returns on investment of any marketing program. Email marketing also has the highest rates for converting prospects into customers, building brand loyalty and retaining customers.

One of the most powerful advantages of email marketing is it helps build an asset. An inhouse email list is a very valuable tool to have because you own your email list and it allows you to communicate directly with your customers. You also choose what data you would like to collect for your email list so you can track your customer’s preferences and plan your email campaigns accordingly.

There are many ways to build an email list but we will give you the top 5 ways to increase your email subscribers quickly so you can boost your email marketing results.

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b1 Offer A Sign Up Incentive
Offering discounts, free demos, free trials and coupons is one of the most effective ways to get people to subscribe to your email list. Different incentives will work for different companies so test a few  incentives to see what works best for your company. Offering a really great incentive at the start for a sign up is a great way to motivate subscribers to join your email list.

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b2Make It Easy For Customers to Subscribe
Don’t make your customers search for your email sign up form. Include options to subscribe to your email list on every web page and in every marketing communication. Including the email subscription form in the header and footer of your website can help boost subscriptions by 30%.

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b3Use Text to Increase Subscribers
Consider using text to join subscription services which allow consumers to send a text to your company with their email address to join your email subscription list. This can help increase subscriptions when people are at your location, at an event or see a marketing message with your text to email offer.

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b4Put Information on Joining Your Email List On All Business Collateral
Add opt-in offers to all of your printed business collateral including direct mail materials, newsletters, business cards, stationary, receipts, invoices, packaging slips and more. Include a strong message on why the customer should opt-in (remember coupons and special discounts work great) and you may see a big increase in your email subscribers.

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b5Develop a Contest
A contest is a great way to increase email subscribers quickly. Think about a great, unique prize that your customers would really want to win and promote the contest on your website, your social media pages and anywhere else you are advertising your company. Design a strong landing page that collects email addresses and you could see your email list increase very quickly.

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Conclusion – You can build your email subscriber list quickly by incorporating these five tips. However you decide to do it, remember that your email list can be an extremely valuable tool in gaining new customers, increasing sales, retaining customers and building brand loyalty.

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