Email Marketers Should No Longer be Using Batch-and Blast

In the world of online marketing, it doesn’t get more potent than a strategic email marketing campaign. While most marketers can agree on that statement, many are unclear on the dos and don’ts of an effective email message. In this blog post, eTargetMedia covers one of the major don’ts of email marketing — batch-and-blast emails.

Also called broadcast emails, a batch-and-blast email campaign is no longer considered an effective way to reach your target audience. Why? There are many reasons, the first of which is most important: it’s not permission based. According to Direct Marketing News, many companies are still sending out broadcast emails, but these types of campaigns are not permission based.

Another reason is context. With the rise of location-based marketing, the article suggests that today’s effective email campaign must be “relevant and timely,” which means taking into account important data such as when and how subscribers open their emails.

Finally, batch-and-blast campaigns are no longer “in” because they simply don’t work. According to the article, marketers who invest in broadcast emails are “contributing a gradually shrinking portion of overall email marketing revenue.”

So what’s in? Triggered emails. Unlike batch-and-blast campaigns, triggered emails are “capturing an increasing share of program revenue.” In fact, the article reports that some major companies receive the most of their email marketing income from triggered emails.

So if you’re still using batch-and-blast, it’s time to reconsider your email marketing tactics. eTargetMedia can help you create a permission-based email marketing campaign that meets your demographic criteria and drives results.