Email Marketers Reveal Biggest Struggles Related to Leveraging Data

Email marketing is arguably the most valuable type of online marketing. But when it comes to creating an email marketing campaign, many run into some serious problems getting and using new forms of data.

According to StrongView’s 2015 Marketing Trends Survey, one of the top concerns for marketers heading into 2015 is “accessing and levering customer data from multiple channels and data sources.” About 30 percent of marketers fall into this category.

While marketers are willing to invest in email marketing, the wrong data or lack of new forms of data will not yield optimum results. According to the survey, only half of the marketers surveyed use commonly held data in their campaigns. About 51 percent use demographic data while only 48 percent use purchase-history data.

Another problem many marketers face is the inability to find important data. For example, 31 percent of the marketers surveyed in the report are unable to leverage data related to web behavior, 20 percent can’t find data related to sentiment, and 19 percent are unable to leverage life stage data.

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