Email Marketing Budgets Projected to Rise

How important is email marketing? Most marketers believe it is the most important method of online marketing there is, and it shows by how much they are willing to invest in it. According to the 2015 Marketing Trends Survey published by StrongView, 54 percent of marketers project that they will allocate more funds in 2015 to email marketing, making it the “top target for increased investment in 2015.”

eTargetMedia has always recognized the power of a strong email marketing campaign, so we were thrilled to see that more marketers are on the same page. The survey reveals that 61 percent of marketers say that they will increase their budgets for email marketing in 2015. They also plan to spend more money on social media (49 percent) and mobile marketing (40 percent).

In addition to spending more money on email marketing, marketers are clear about exactly what type of email marketing they want to invest in. According to the survey, marketers plan to focus on automating programs. The survey reveals the top two types of email marketing programs that will see the most investment: triggered (42 percent) and lifecycle (41 percent) programs. In the category of lifecycle programs, marketers plan to invest more money in Loyalty (45 percent) and Welcome (36 percent) programs.

If you want to reach your target audience, email marketing is the way to go. eTargetMedia specializes in email marketing and can tailor a strategy that will boost revenues, increase traffic to your site, and effectively reach your target audience.