Email Marketing Trends that are Dominating the Inbox

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Email marketing is outperforming all other digital marketing channels including search marketing, display advertising and social media marketing. Email remains the most effective channel for producing high ROIs, reaching new customers and retaining current customers, increasing customer engagement and maximizing sales. Email marketing today is much more advanced than it was years ago with personalization, automation and segmentation offering new ways to connect with consumers and increase the life cycle value of customers. Email marketing is constantly evolving so staying ahead of the trends and strategies that are driving email right now is critical to any email marketers success. In this article, we discuss the top email marketing trends that can help you increase your email opens, engagement and conversions.

User-Generated Content in Emails

Consumers are more willing to trust brands if they have positive reviews from other customers. Including user-generated content in your emails, like customer reviews, testimonials, or photos of customers using your products can help increase sales and convert shoppers into paying customers.

Hyper Personalization in Email Marketing

Personalization is a very hot trend in email marketing right now. Recent studies concluded that consumers are willing to share their personal information with brands in exchange for more personalized offerings. There are a variety of ways to include personalization in email campaigns but some of the top tactics include sending tailored promotions to targeted audience segments, recommending products or content based on audience preferences, and sending triggered emails based on shopper behavior.

Automating the Email Marketing Process

Automated email campaigns are a big trend in the email industry today. With the popularity of artificial intelligence, AI can now be incorporated into email campaigns to help automate the email process. Automation can be used to create a welcome series email campaign, send thank you emails, cross sell and upsell products, deliver emails based on important segmentation data and improve the sales funnel flow. It can also help optimize sending times, reduce ecommerce cart abandonment and create messaging that resonates with your audience. There are endless possibilities when it comes to designing relevant and timely experiences for your customers.

Optimizing for Mobile Platforms

Mobile optimization is increasingly important in the email marketing industry as the popularity of mobile email continues to boom. All email marketing messages need to be designed with mobile responsive design so they render correctly on both desktop and mobile devices. It is now more crucial than ever to ensure that your customers have the same positive email experience on any device they choose to use.

Featuring more Interactive Elements

Interactive marketing boosts email engagement and is growing more popular as email technology advances. Interactive elements in email can include using animated gifs, interactive product carousels, rollover effects, surveys, polls, gamification elements or allowing users to choose their design mode options. Interactive emails can help create an advanced user experience that engages your customer more.

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