Essential KPIs in Email Marketing


Email marketing continues to dominate all digital marketing channels and remains the most effective channel for increasing customer acquisition and retention, delivering content to customers, and producing high ROIs. That’s why it is so important to ensure that your email marketing campaigns are maximized and optimized to produce the highest results possible. One way to measure the success of your email campaigns is by looking at the important Key Performance Indicators or KPIs that measure the different aspects of the email campaign and deliver important insights into how well a campaign is performing and what could be improved upon.

1. Open Rates – Open rates are a good indicator of how interested your audience is in your email
marketing message. The more people that are interested in your email content, the more opens you will receive. The open rate is also a good indicator to determine if your subject lines are motivating customers to open your message.

2. Click Throughs – Click through rates are the best indicator to measure your engagement levels and are an accurate measurement of engagement success. When studying click through rates, it’s important to go beyond just tracking the amount of click throughs. You should also study which links are being clicked on, whether they are text-based links, graphic links, or buttons and where they are placed in the email.

3. Email Deliverability Rates – Tracking your email deliverability rate is another great KPI to track. As an email marketer, you need to know how many emails are being delivered to your audience and making it to the inbox.

4. Click to Open Rates – Click to Open Rate is the number of opens compared to click throughs. This metric will tell you how many people who opened the email clicked on a link, which is a great
indicator of how your subject line and email content are working together.

5. Email Conversions – This may be the most important KPI to track and it goes beyond just tracking sales and revenue. Depending on your goals, a conversion could be a sale, lead, event registration,
subscription, demo registration, content download, community membership, etc.

If you’re not tracking these important KPIs and comparing your KPIs to what’s typical for your industry to have a benchmark, you won’t be able to improve your email marketing strategy. While most marketers analyze their campaigns from a holistic viewpoint, keeping track of each KPI will help you determine how well your email campaigns are performing so you can improve the success of your email campaigns.

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