Advantages of Email Marketing

Email Marketing continues to be the most effective solution for reaching your target audience, even with the rise of social media, automated ad buying and content targeting. Email marketing has many advantages over other traditional and digital marketing solutions including tremendous reach, strategic targeting capabilities, powerful engagement opportunities, and higher ROI. Utilize a strategic, targeted email marketing campaign and you are sure to see a rise in your sales, conversions and ROI.


Exceptional Reach

According to research, 200 billion emails will be sent every day during 2015 and 4.9 billion email accounts will be in use by the end of 2017. Most of those email accounts are consumer accounts. The number of consumer email accounts will continue to grow quickly as online users need email accounts to communicate with friends, family and business contacts. Social networking sites, online shopping sites and top digital publishers require users to provide an email address to register for an account so this forces the growth of consumer email accounts among users of all genders, races, ages, demographics, geography and more.


Strategic Targeting

There is an exceptional amount of data related to every email address. Anytime a consumer registers an account using their email address, the account tags the email address with data like purchasing preferences, interests, demographics, geography and more without ever violating the privacy rights of consumers or transferring secure information. You can target email campaigns by age, gender, lifestyle, age, demographics, psychographics, geography and more. Email has more strategic targeting opportunities than any other marketing channel.


Increased Engagement

The strategic targeting benefits of email marketing leads to higher engagement since the email campaign is targeted to consumers who are interested in your products or services. The email industry’s focus of opt-in, targeted lists and list segmentation leads to higher engagement among consumers who have already been qualified or specified an interest in your product. Promotions and special offers help increase opens and click throughs as well sales as audiences are sure to engage with the email and promotion. Experian reports a $44 average return for every $1 invested in email marketing.


Consumers Welcome Email Marketing

Consumers welcome email messages that include special promotions on products they are interested in. Opt-in laws and regulations protect users accounts from data abuse and give consumers an option to opt out if they don‘t want to receive the email communication. This gives the consumer the power to choose if and when they want to receive your email message and allows consumers to select email subscriptions based on personal interests and unsubscribing if they are not interested.


Higher ROIs

If you are effectively planning, targeting, and optimizing your email campaigns, you will see strong engagement rates and a growth in sales, conversions and your bottom line. Reaching an active, engaged audience will drive your ROI and results in a successful email campaign. Email is a proven marketing channel that continues to deliver excellent results. Add email marketing to your next advertising campaign to experience its unmatched advantages and you’ll see how effective a targeted email campaign can be.



About eTargetMedia

eTargetMedia has the knowledge and experience to implement a comprehensive email marketing strategy that will produce measurable results in traffic, customer acquisition, and revenues. eTargetMedia’s services include online and offline direct marketing, including; Targeted Email Lists, Postal Lists, Email Append and Creative Services.

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