eTargetMedia Announces New Travel, Grocery and Home Delivery Email Marketing Lists to Take Advantage of Current Consumer Shopping Trends

eTargetMedia launched 5 new email marketing lists to help marketers reach consumers who are currently shopping online for a variety of travel destinations, grocery related products and home delivery services that have become more popular in recent times. The new travel lists helps marketers target responsive families and individuals who are eager to travel again whether its booking an international getaway, visiting family they haven’t seen over the year or driving to local destinations for a safe, close to home trip. The new grocery and home delivery lists help marketers reach consumers who are adjusting to a digital lifestyle and now prefer to have their groceries, home essential items and other products delivered directly to their doorsteps.

The past year affected all aspects of life including work, travel, and the way consumers shop for products online. Many consumers were forced to go digital to purchase products online and this is a trend that will continue even as we get back to normal. Families and individuals are eager to travel again and are currently shopping for their next vacations. From ‘revenge trips’ to international destinations to local drive market destinations, travel marketers can take advantage of this increased interest in travel and use email marketing to reach their customers right now when they are shopping for travel. The new grocery and home delivery lists can help marketers target consumers who are shifting their purchasing habits online.

The new email marketing lists include:

  • Eager-to-Travel Families and IndividualsThe Eager-to-Travel Families and Individuals file includes both families and individuals who are actively booking travel right now, whether for near future trips or looking ahead to holiday travel and beyond. After taking a break from travel over the last year, they are ready to explore the world, visit family and friends they haven’t seen all year, or finally take that trip that was postponed. They are locking in the good deals that are being promoted now for current and future travel. These travel enthusiasts are extremely enthusiastic about the opportunity of traveling again after a long wait of postponing their travel plans. They are very ready to book now and are looking at a variety of domestic and international trips as well as flying to top destinations including island and beach getaways, national parks, city tours and more.
  • Summer Local Travel FamiliesThe Summer Local Travel Families file includes families who are currently planning their summer vacations to a variety of local destinations. These families are easing back into travel after a year of postponing their travel plans and are primarily looking at drive market destinations as safety is still a top concern to them. They are excited about their summer vacations but want to ensure that their families are safe during their travels. From local drive market destinations to amusement parks, national parks and the beaches, these travelers choose to stay close to home. They are looking for the ideal vacation that lets them have the freedom of getting away and enjoying their summer vacations with their families while still feeling secure that the hotels and attractions are keeping their guests safe.
  • Specialty Grocery BuyersThe Specialty Grocery Buyers file includes a variety of savvy grocery shoppers who purchase specialty foods from both their local grocery stores and specialty online grocery shops. Tailor your grocery shopper audience by the types of specialty foods they most often purchase, including organic, health and wellness, locally-sourced, allergy conscious, gluten-free, vegan, ethnic, gourmet, seasonal and weight loss foods and supplements. The majority of these grocery shoppers consider themselves to be foodies and are willing to splurge on specialty grocery items that are fresher and healthier options, meet their specialty grocery needs, are locally homegrown, and often harder to find. The specialty grocery buyers seek out the finest natural and organic foods available. They often customize their menus based on the products the grocery stores are advertising for the week and enjoy trying new specialty items that they haven’t purchased before. In addition to specialty groceries, they purchase ready-made food, specialty health and beauty items, cleaning supplies and household items, specialty pet food, specialty baby food, beer and wine and more.
  • Home Grocery Delivery EnthusiastsThe Home Grocery Delivery Enthusiasts file includes grocery shoppers who enjoy the convenience of ordering their groceries online and having them delivered directly to their homes. Many of these grocery shoppers started home grocery delivery to avoid crowds in the grocery store or started home grocery delivery as an alternative grocery shopping option during the country’s shutdowns. They continue to be sold on the ease, convenience and safety of ordering groceries online with same day and contactless delivery. With today’s busy lifestyles, getting to the grocery store can be challenging and with safety as a top priority of many consumers, home grocery delivery offers the perfect opportunity for these savvy online shoppers to order fresh groceries as well as other household essentials and have them delivered directly to their doors.
  • American Home Delivery ShoppersThe American Home Delivery Shoppers file is comprised of consumers who enjoy shopping online and have products delivered to their homes on a regular basis, including food delivery, grocery delivery, pet food delivery, subscription box delivery, health and beauty products, prescriptions, vitamins and supplements, clothing, home furnishings and décor, technology, electronics and more. The majority of these shoppers are busy moms and working adults who enjoy the ease and convenience of home delivery, which saves them time from going to the store and allows them to order products from all over the country and around the world. Having products delivered directly to their homes gives these smart shoppers the time to spend on what really matters in their lives as well as the excitement of receiving new products delivered to them. In addition, it allows them to shop online to find the best prices and have the products delivered directly to their doorsteps. They order home delivery from department stores, specialty stores, warehouse clubs, e-commerce stores, as well as local businesses.