eTargetMedia: The Benefits of Email Marketing

Even compared to social media, automated ad buying, and content targeting, email marketing remains the most effective method of reaching a target audience. There are many reasons email marketing is more effective than most traditional and digital marketing solutions. Here are some of the valuable benefits of email marketing:

Incredible Reach

Email is not going anywhere. Research predicts that about 200 billion emails will be sent every day in 2015 and 4.9 billion accounts will be in use by the end of 2017. The majority of these email accounts are owned by consumers. As online users need accounts to communicate with business contacts, family, and friends, the number of consumer accounts will continue to rise. The growth of consumer email accounts will also be fueled by the need for people to provide email addresses to register for social networking sites, digital publishers, and online shopping sites. Consumers of all demographics, races, ages, genders, and geography will be opening and using these consumer accounts.

Tactical Targeting

Every email address leaves a trail of data. For example, anytime a consumer registers an account using an email address, the account tags the address with valuable information such as interests, demographics, geography, preferences, and more, all without transferring secure information or violating privacy rights. Marketers can use this information to craft an email campaign, providing them with more strategic targeting opportunities than any other marketing channel.

Higher Engagement

Since it can be targeted to consumers who are interested in your products or services, an email marketing campaign leads to increased engagement. This is because today’s email campaigns are permission-based campaigns using targeted lists and list segmentation, which means they are sent to consumers who have asked for and want the information being sent to them. Then extra incentives such as promotions and special offers can help increase click throughs and opens. These special additions also increase sales. According to Experian, there is a $44 average return for every $1 invested in email marketing.


Did you know that consumers actually like email messages featuring promotions or information about products they are interested in? They do. Today’s opt-in regulations make the experience safer for consumers because they’re protected from data abuse and can opt out anytime. With the option to cancel, consumers are more likely to choose email subscriptions based on what they want.

Increased ROIs

There’s no doubt that an effective email marketing campaign will yield results — a growth in sales, conversations, and your bottom line. The result comes from creating a carefully planned, targeted and optimized email campaign.


To experience an increase in sales, conversions, and ROI, eTargetMedia can help you craft and implement a strategic, targeted email marketing campaign. To learn more about how you can craft a strategic email campaign and see results, contact eTargetMedia today.