eTargetMedia Scores Perfect 100 in NextMark’s Data Card Quality Report

etarget-score-sealeTargetMedia scored a perfect 100 for data card quality in NextMark’s Datacard Quality Report. Of the 176 list management companies that were analyzed for the report, eTargetMedia’s datacard portfolio was given a perfect score of 100, ranking among the best datacard portfolios in the industry. eTargetMedia consistently ranks in the top sports for NextMark’s Datacard Quality Report.

According to NextMark, the data card quality score is calculated by electronically analyzing more than 74,000 data cards. For each data card, a proprietary algorithm rates the quality of 13 key attributes. The list management company’s quality score is the average score of all data cards in their portfolio. eTargetMedia’s datacard portfolio consistently ranks with top recognitions and awards.

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