Integrating Content Marketing Into Your Direct Marketing Strategy

Everyone has heard the expression “content is king” when it comes to modern digital marketing. While it’s true that having fresh content on your website will help with SEO, it truly is only part of a broader marketing strategy and not an entire strategy itself. Simply creating content and expecting people to find and share it is a recipe for a failed campaign.

eTargetMedia can help you to integrate content marketing into a direct marketing strategy. By leveraging the content in intelligent ways, you’ll get the most out of the blog posts, videos, and other content you are creating and use it to create new sales opportunities. Here a few ways that you can do that:

Include Content In Your Email Marketing

Your email marketing campaigns don’t just need to focus on advertising your company. If you can provide useful information to customers, you’ll build credibility with them and make them more likely to click through to your site. You’ll also increase the likelihood that they forward the message to friends. eTargetMedia can help you to integrate your existing content into your emails in a powerful fashion.

Have Links to Social Media in Your Emails

If you are doing content marketing, you should be sharing your content on social media sites. Make sure that your emails have links to your profiles on sites like Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. This can increase your followers and make it easier to share content with them as it is posted.

Target Your Content to Customer Segments

When you are creating content, think about who the target audience is for your pieces. Knowing this will make it easier for you to send this content via email newsletters to exactly the right people.