Three Facts that Prove Email Marketing is Here to Stay

Whether you’re a marketing professional or a business owner, you are probably aware of the power of email marketing. Indeed it is considered the top marketing channel in the digital world and many companies are already investing more of their time and money into crafting effective email marketing campaigns.

But does email marketing truly live up to its reputation as an effective way to reach a target audience, or is it just another marketing trend that will fade out of style? Statistics don’t lie; email marketing is here to stay. Let’s look at the facts. Here are three email marketing statistics that prove email marketing is not going anywhere:

The Number of Email Users is Growing

It’s hard to find someone who doesn’t have an email address. Statistics reveal that there are currently over 3.9 billion people who use email, and this number grows on a daily basis. By 2017, the email audience is forecasted to increase to a whopping 4.9 billion. One billion new accounts in only two years reveals that email is only increasing in only growing in popularity. For this reason alone it’s important that businesses take this channel of marketing very seriously. This means that you will need to create highly targeted, personal, and relevant email marketing campaigns.

The Majority of Online Consumers Use Email

If you’re browsing the internet, chances are you have an email account. How many online consumers use email? An impressive 95 percent. And of those 95 percent, 91 percent check their accounts at least once a day, while many report that they check their accounts multiple times. People who use the internet in the U.S. have an average of 3.1 email addresses, which includes both personal and business accounts. This means that marketers can target customers for both business and consumer products and services.

Mobile Access to Email is Growing

Forrester Research reports that 72 percent of U.S. online adults send and receive business and personal emails through smartphones everyday. The ability for users to access their email accounts via mobile devices is also growing at a steady rate. Marketers can use mobile email to send targeted messages to consumers on the go as well as on the one device that is always with them.

Do you want to increase conversion rates and grow your business? It’s all about email marketing. If you haven’t invested your time and money into creating effective email marketing campaigns, now is the time. Contact eTargetMedia for more information.


Five Tips for Crafting an Effective Email Marketing Strategy

Email marketing is considered one of the most effective ways to grow a company. It helps increase sales, generates leads, gets traffic to your site, and even builds customer loyalty. Whether you own a salon, an engineering firm, or a clothing company, it’s important to have a powerful email marketing campaign in place. But crafting an effective campaign isn’t easy, especially when strategies are evolving on a regular basis.

If your current strategy needs a makeover, don’t worry. eTargetMedia is here to help. Here are five proven tips for creating an effective email marketing strategy.

Implement a Call to Action

While you might not be using direct response marketing anymore, every powerful email marketing campaign features clear calls to actions. It’s important to tell your audience what to do next. Do you want them to pick up the phone, purchase a product, or request more information? Some common call to actions include: buy now, contact us, or download now. Using a call to action can boost your ROI and enhance the conversation of your email campaigns.

Test Various Email Campaigns

It’s nearly impossible to craft a perfect email campaign at first try. This is why it’s important to create various campaigns and test them all out. Test various offers, different lists, call to actions, subject lines, and creative content to see what works for your target audience. You can also test various delivery days or different times. Before you send out a campaign, make sure to test it out with an in-house test group. During this test it’s important to check that everything loads correctly and that all of the links work properly.

Connect with Your Customers

Every email campaign should be an opportunity for you to connect with your customers in a meaningful way. You can accomplish this goal by listening to your customers, personalizing messages, and featuring relevant content that is engaging for your readers. You can also include links to your social media pages so they can feel connected through their favorite sites.

Monitor Your Campaigns

How do you know if your campaign is working? You have to monitor them. An easy way to track your campaigns is to include custom trackable links that test and analyze various elements of the email. It’s important to monitor opens, clicks, conversions, leads, and unsubscribes. Once you receive the first set of results, you can tweak and improve your next campaign.

Measure Your Results

The key to improving your campaigns is to measure your results. Understand what works and what doesn’t work and then improve your campaigns using that information. eTargetMedia can help you enhance your email marketing campaign by implementing these suggestions and providing expert services.

Advantages of Email Marketing

Email Marketing continues to be the most effective solution for reaching your target audience, even with the rise of social media, automated ad buying and content targeting. Email marketing has many advantages over other traditional and digital marketing solutions including tremendous reach, strategic targeting capabilities, powerful engagement opportunities, and higher ROI. Utilize a strategic, targeted email marketing campaign and you are sure to see a rise in your sales, conversions and ROI.


Exceptional Reach

According to research, 200 billion emails will be sent every day during 2015 and 4.9 billion email accounts will be in use by the end of 2017. Most of those email accounts are consumer accounts. The number of consumer email accounts will continue to grow quickly as online users need email accounts to communicate with friends, family and business contacts. Social networking sites, online shopping sites and top digital publishers require users to provide an email address to register for an account so this forces the growth of consumer email accounts among users of all genders, races, ages, demographics, geography and more.


Strategic Targeting

There is an exceptional amount of data related to every email address. Anytime a consumer registers an account using their email address, the account tags the email address with data like purchasing preferences, interests, demographics, geography and more without ever violating the privacy rights of consumers or transferring secure information. You can target email campaigns by age, gender, lifestyle, age, demographics, psychographics, geography and more. Email has more strategic targeting opportunities than any other marketing channel.


Increased Engagement

The strategic targeting benefits of email marketing leads to higher engagement since the email campaign is targeted to consumers who are interested in your products or services. The email industry’s focus of opt-in, targeted lists and list segmentation leads to higher engagement among consumers who have already been qualified or specified an interest in your product. Promotions and special offers help increase opens and click throughs as well sales as audiences are sure to engage with the email and promotion. Experian reports a $44 average return for every $1 invested in email marketing.


Consumers Welcome Email Marketing

Consumers welcome email messages that include special promotions on products they are interested in. Opt-in laws and regulations protect users accounts from data abuse and give consumers an option to opt out if they don‘t want to receive the email communication. This gives the consumer the power to choose if and when they want to receive your email message and allows consumers to select email subscriptions based on personal interests and unsubscribing if they are not interested.


Higher ROIs

If you are effectively planning, targeting, and optimizing your email campaigns, you will see strong engagement rates and a growth in sales, conversions and your bottom line. Reaching an active, engaged audience will drive your ROI and results in a successful email campaign. Email is a proven marketing channel that continues to deliver excellent results. Add email marketing to your next advertising campaign to experience its unmatched advantages and you’ll see how effective a targeted email campaign can be.



About eTargetMedia

eTargetMedia has the knowledge and experience to implement a comprehensive email marketing strategy that will produce measurable results in traffic, customer acquisition, and revenues. eTargetMedia’s services include online and offline direct marketing, including; Targeted Email Lists, Postal Lists, Email Append and Creative Services.

Our service and commitment to excellence means that not only will you see vast improvements, but you will have the benefit of utilizing our ongoing support and services to further enhance and develop your email marketing presence.

eTargetMedia: The Benefits of Email Marketing

Even compared to social media, automated ad buying, and content targeting, email marketing remains the most effective method of reaching a target audience. There are many reasons email marketing is more effective than most traditional and digital marketing solutions. Here are some of the valuable benefits of email marketing:

Incredible Reach

Email is not going anywhere. Research predicts that about 200 billion emails will be sent every day in 2015 and 4.9 billion accounts will be in use by the end of 2017. The majority of these email accounts are owned by consumers. As online users need accounts to communicate with business contacts, family, and friends, the number of consumer accounts will continue to rise. The growth of consumer email accounts will also be fueled by the need for people to provide email addresses to register for social networking sites, digital publishers, and online shopping sites. Consumers of all demographics, races, ages, genders, and geography will be opening and using these consumer accounts.

Tactical Targeting

Every email address leaves a trail of data. For example, anytime a consumer registers an account using an email address, the account tags the address with valuable information such as interests, demographics, geography, preferences, and more, all without transferring secure information or violating privacy rights. Marketers can use this information to craft an email campaign, providing them with more strategic targeting opportunities than any other marketing channel.

Higher Engagement

Since it can be targeted to consumers who are interested in your products or services, an email marketing campaign leads to increased engagement. This is because today’s email campaigns are permission-based campaigns using targeted lists and list segmentation, which means they are sent to consumers who have asked for and want the information being sent to them. Then extra incentives such as promotions and special offers can help increase click throughs and opens. These special additions also increase sales. According to Experian, there is a $44 average return for every $1 invested in email marketing.


Did you know that consumers actually like email messages featuring promotions or information about products they are interested in? They do. Today’s opt-in regulations make the experience safer for consumers because they’re protected from data abuse and can opt out anytime. With the option to cancel, consumers are more likely to choose email subscriptions based on what they want.

Increased ROIs

There’s no doubt that an effective email marketing campaign will yield results — a growth in sales, conversations, and your bottom line. The result comes from creating a carefully planned, targeted and optimized email campaign.


To experience an increase in sales, conversions, and ROI, eTargetMedia can help you craft and implement a strategic, targeted email marketing campaign. To learn more about how you can craft a strategic email campaign and see results, contact eTargetMedia today.

Five Ways to Enhance Your Email Marketing Campaign

The most effective direct communication channel for daily use is email. Consumers and businesses alike use email on a daily basis to communicate with clients, potential customers, friends, and family. What’s more, the use of smart phones and tablets has made it even more convenient for people to use email no matter where they go.

If you own a business, you know the value of a powerful email marketing campaign. You can use email marketing to increase sales, create leads, strengthen relationships, build customer loyalty, and increase traffic to your site. But email campaigns are constantly evolving, and it can be challenging to stay on top of the latest tactics. If your email marketing campaign needs a facelift, don’t worry. eTargetMedia offers the following five tips on how to enhance your email marketing campaign.

Identify Email Marketing Goals and Objectives

Every powerful email marketing campaign starts with a strategy. Before you even begin crafting a campaign, identify and write down your goals and objectives. What do you want to accomplish with this campaign? Some common goals and objectives include using email marketing to boost sales and revenue, generate leads, build brand awareness, and strengthen customer relationships.

Create a Permission-Based List

An effective email marketing campaign starts with a permission-based list. The easiest way to create such a list is to ask your customers to opt-in to receive your messages. You can make the offer more appealing by offering a discount, a free download, or more information about your products or services.

Rent a Permission-Based List

In addition to building your own permission-based list, you can also rent an opt-in-list from an email list company, such as eTargetMedia. This type of company can provide you with not only an opt-in list, but also the help you need to plan and manage the entire email marketing campaign. They can help you with selecting the list, creating the campaign, delivery, and tracking the results.

Segment Your Audiences

A smart way to target the right audience is to create segmentation criteria. Analyze specific qualifiers such as demographic, geographic, and psychographic qualifiers. The complex segmentation criteria will ensure that your campaigns are tailored to meet the needs of specific email recipients. We recommend doing A/B splits to send unique messages to different segments.

Tailor the Message

Spend time thinking about the message you want to send. What do you want to say? And more importantly, what do you want your audience to do after reading the message? Do you want them to call a certain number, request more information, or purchase a product? Next, craft a tailored message according to the interests of your audience. It’s also important to feature value-added content or special offers to enhance engagement with your message.

eTargetMedia – 11 Email Tips that Can Help Increase Email Conversions in 2015


eTargetMedia, a leading provider of Email Lists, Postal Lists, Data Append and Creative solutions, announced the 11 Email Tips that Can Help Increase Conversion Rates in 2015 Tutorial, a presentation that helps marketers effectively increase conversion rates on their email campaigns. The new year gives marketers a fresh start to plan their email campaigns and eTargetMedia is helping by offering free tips that can dramatically increase sales, conversions and leads from targeted email marketing. For a limited time, eTargetMedia is offering a free consultation to customers who mention the tutorial and 10% off new email list orders.

eTargetMedia works with some of the top brands in the world and has helped clients like BMW, Celebrity Cruise Lines, Mercedes, MetLife, TGI Fridays, Nissan, Subway, Anthem, Acer and more to increase their email conversion rates by increasing website traffic, store traffic, website leads and sales. eTargetMedia’s knowledge of the industry, experienced account managers and reputation for following all industry standards have helped the company become an email marketing leader, producing measurable results in traffic, customer acquisition, and revenues.

eTargetMedia’s tips for increasing conversions tutorial can be used to create email messages that capture customers’ attention so they open the email, engage customers so they act on the email, and ultimately result in sales for the business. Among the tips included in eTargetMedia’s 11 Email Tips that Can Help Increase Conversion Rates in 2015 tutorial are how to write compelling subject lines that will motivate receivers to open the email, how to personalize emails, how to include call to actions that will increase conversions and how to target and segment email campaigns to maximize ROI.

“The new year is a perfect time to get your email marketing strategy on the right track. One of the most important goals of any email campaign is to generate conversions whether it be a sale, a lead, a download, or a free trial,” stated Harris Kreichman, Managing Partner of eTargetMedia. “Increasing conversions should be every email marketers resolution for 2015. A smart, thought out and planned email campaign can help marketers to engage customers which will lead to increased conversions.”

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Email Marketers Should No Longer be Using Batch-and Blast

In the world of online marketing, it doesn’t get more potent than a strategic email marketing campaign. While most marketers can agree on that statement, many are unclear on the dos and don’ts of an effective email message. In this blog post, eTargetMedia covers one of the major don’ts of email marketing — batch-and-blast emails.

Also called broadcast emails, a batch-and-blast email campaign is no longer considered an effective way to reach your target audience. Why? There are many reasons, the first of which is most important: it’s not permission based. According to Direct Marketing News, many companies are still sending out broadcast emails, but these types of campaigns are not permission based.

Another reason is context. With the rise of location-based marketing, the article suggests that today’s effective email campaign must be “relevant and timely,” which means taking into account important data such as when and how subscribers open their emails.

Finally, batch-and-blast campaigns are no longer “in” because they simply don’t work. According to the article, marketers who invest in broadcast emails are “contributing a gradually shrinking portion of overall email marketing revenue.”

So what’s in? Triggered emails. Unlike batch-and-blast campaigns, triggered emails are “capturing an increasing share of program revenue.” In fact, the article reports that some major companies receive the most of their email marketing income from triggered emails.

So if you’re still using batch-and-blast, it’s time to reconsider your email marketing tactics. eTargetMedia can help you create a permission-based email marketing campaign that meets your demographic criteria and drives results.

Email Marketers Reveal Biggest Struggles Related to Leveraging Data

Email marketing is arguably the most valuable type of online marketing. But when it comes to creating an email marketing campaign, many run into some serious problems getting and using new forms of data.

According to StrongView’s 2015 Marketing Trends Survey, one of the top concerns for marketers heading into 2015 is “accessing and levering customer data from multiple channels and data sources.” About 30 percent of marketers fall into this category.

While marketers are willing to invest in email marketing, the wrong data or lack of new forms of data will not yield optimum results. According to the survey, only half of the marketers surveyed use commonly held data in their campaigns. About 51 percent use demographic data while only 48 percent use purchase-history data.

Another problem many marketers face is the inability to find important data. For example, 31 percent of the marketers surveyed in the report are unable to leverage data related to web behavior, 20 percent can’t find data related to sentiment, and 19 percent are unable to leverage life stage data.

If you’re going to invest in email marketing, make sure you can access and leverage the right kind of data. eTargetMedia has always harnessed the power of email marketing using an exceptional amount of valuable data. Our strategic targeting campaigns leverage data such as purchasing preferences, interests, demographics, geography, and more. Contact eTargetMedia to learn more about how we can effectively reach your target audience so you can experience a growth in sales, conversions, and ROI.

Email Marketing Budgets Projected to Rise

How important is email marketing? Most marketers believe it is the most important method of online marketing there is, and it shows by how much they are willing to invest in it. According to the 2015 Marketing Trends Survey published by StrongView, 54 percent of marketers project that they will allocate more funds in 2015 to email marketing, making it the “top target for increased investment in 2015.”

eTargetMedia has always recognized the power of a strong email marketing campaign, so we were thrilled to see that more marketers are on the same page. The survey reveals that 61 percent of marketers say that they will increase their budgets for email marketing in 2015. They also plan to spend more money on social media (49 percent) and mobile marketing (40 percent).

In addition to spending more money on email marketing, marketers are clear about exactly what type of email marketing they want to invest in. According to the survey, marketers plan to focus on automating programs. The survey reveals the top two types of email marketing programs that will see the most investment: triggered (42 percent) and lifecycle (41 percent) programs. In the category of lifecycle programs, marketers plan to invest more money in Loyalty (45 percent) and Welcome (36 percent) programs.

If you want to reach your target audience, email marketing is the way to go. eTargetMedia specializes in email marketing and can tailor a strategy that will boost revenues, increase traffic to your site, and effectively reach your target audience.

10 Successful Tips for a Powerful Email Marketing Strategy

Email is the number one direct communication channel in terms of daily use. Both consumers and business professionals use email on a daily basis to communicate with friends, family, clients, and potential customers. Email is thriving. Smart phones and tablets are making it even easier to access our email anytime, anywhere. Businesses all around the world use email marketing to boost sales, generate leads, strengthen relationships, increase website traffic and build customer loyalty. This is why it is so important for your business to have a powerful email marketing strategy in place.

The top things you need for a successful email marketing strategy are an opt-in, targeted email list, an effective creative email message and a comprehensive tracking program that lets you monitor and analyze your email campaign results. When planning and executing your email marketing campaigns, it is important to pay close attention to your audience and customize your email messages to their interests so your customers stay engaged with your email messages.

Set Email Marketing Goals and Objectives

Before you start your email campaign, you should develop an email marketing strategy that sets your goals and objectives for the campaign. Use email marketing to generate leads, increase sales and revenue, strengthen customer relationships and build brand awareness.

Build a Permission Based List

You can build a permission based email list by asking your customers to opt-in to receive your email messages. By offering your customers something of value such as a special discount, a free download, or more information about your products or services, customers are more willing to share their email address with you.

Rent an Opt-In List

Reach potential new customers by renting a targeted, opt-in email list from an email list company. An experienced email list company can help you plan and manage your entire campaign from email planning to list selection to creative development to email delivery and tracking. Experienced email companies can often get the best rates on email list rentals.

Segment Your Audiences

Create segmentation criteria that will help you target your messages to the right audiences. Look at specific demographic, psychographic, and geographic qualifiers. Use the complex segmentation criteria to make sure your offers are more customized to meet the needs of the email receiver. Consider doing A/B splits to send out different messages to different segments.

Focus on the Message

Think about your message and what you want your audience to do after reading the email. Customize your message based on the interests of your audience and include value added content or special offers to help increase engagement with your emails.

Use Call to Actions

Include call to actions that tell your audience what to do next. By including call to actions like buy now, download now, and contact us, you can increase the conversions of your email campaigns and improve your ROI.

Test Your Email Campaigns

By testing different offers, different lists, subject lines, call to actions and creative, you can greatly improve your conversions and ROI and see what works for your audience. Test different delivery days or different times and see what your audience responds to. Always make sure to test your final email with an in-house test group to make sure everything loads correctly, all of the links work, etc.

Use Email Campaigns As a Chance to Connect With Your Customers

Listen to your customers, personalize your email messages and add relevant content to engage customers with meaningful email marketing campaigns. Include links to your social media pages so your audience can connect with you through all of their favorite social media sites.

Track Your Campaigns

Include custom trackable links in your email campaigns so you can test and analyze different email elements. Track opens, clicks, leads, conversions and unsubscribes. When running ongoing email campaigns, tweak your email campaigns as soon as you see the first results.

Measure Your Results

Measuring your email campaign results is the key to understanding what works and what doesn’t so you can continue to improve your results for future campaigns. Incorporating these tips into your email marketing strategy can help you increase your results.

About eTargetMedia

eTargetMedia has the knowledge and experience to implement a comprehensive email marketing strategy that will produce measurable results in traffic, customer acquisition, and revenues. eTargetMedia’s services include online and offline direct marketing, including; Targeted Email Lists, Postal Lists, Email Append and Creative Services. Our service and commitment to excellence means that not only will you see vast improvements, but you will have the benefit of utilizing our ongoing support and services to further enhance and develop your email marketing presence.

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