Integrating Content Marketing Into Your Direct Marketing Strategy

Everyone has heard the expression “content is king” when it comes to modern digital marketing. While it’s true that having fresh content on your website will help with SEO, it truly is only part of a broader marketing strategy and not an entire strategy itself. Simply creating content and expecting people to find and share it is a recipe for a failed campaign.

eTargetMedia can help you to integrate content marketing into a direct marketing strategy. By leveraging the content in intelligent ways, you’ll get the most out of the blog posts, videos, and other content you are creating and use it to create new sales opportunities. Here a few ways that you can do that:

Include Content In Your Email Marketing

Your email marketing campaigns don’t just need to focus on advertising your company. If you can provide useful information to customers, you’ll build credibility with them and make them more likely to click through to your site. You’ll also increase the likelihood that they forward the message to friends. eTargetMedia can help you to integrate your existing content into your emails in a powerful fashion.

Have Links to Social Media in Your Emails

If you are doing content marketing, you should be sharing your content on social media sites. Make sure that your emails have links to your profiles on sites like Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. This can increase your followers and make it easier to share content with them as it is posted.

Target Your Content to Customer Segments

When you are creating content, think about who the target audience is for your pieces. Knowing this will make it easier for you to send this content via email newsletters to exactly the right people.

eTargetMedia Scores Perfect 100 in NextMark’s Data Card Quality Report

etarget-score-sealeTargetMedia scored a perfect 100 for data card quality in NextMark’s Datacard Quality Report. Of the 176 list management companies that were analyzed for the report, eTargetMedia’s datacard portfolio was given a perfect score of 100, ranking among the best datacard portfolios in the industry. eTargetMedia consistently ranks in the top sports for NextMark’s Datacard Quality Report.

According to NextMark, the data card quality score is calculated by electronically analyzing more than 74,000 data cards. For each data card, a proprietary algorithm rates the quality of 13 key attributes. The list management company’s quality score is the average score of all data cards in their portfolio. eTargetMedia’s datacard portfolio consistently ranks with top recognitions and awards.

About eTargetMedia

eTargetMedia leads the industry in email list marketing solutions. eTargetMedia has the knowledge, experience, technology and insights to drive results, maximize your marketing dollars and improve your ROI. eTargetMedia can implement a comprehensive marketing and promotion strategy that will produce measurable results in traffic, customer acquisition, and revenues. eTargetMedia’s services include online and offline multi-channel and direct marketing solutions, including; Targeted Email Lists, Postal Lists, Email Append Services and Full Service Creative Solutions.


Three Reasons to Hire an Outside Web Designer

Three-Reasons-to-Hire-an-Outside-Web-DesignerUpdating or creating a website for your small business is a daunting task that many business owners soon regret trying to do on their own. In most cases, small businesses find that it’s a better choice to work with a company such as eTargetMedia that can do website and landing page design for them. Here are just a few reasons why working with an outside agency such as eTargetMedia makes more sense than trying to do it yourself:

Coding Expertise: In order to properly do HTML coding, you need to go beyond what you can find in a book from your local library. The HTML experts at eTargetMedia stay current on all of the changing coding standards and best practices such as CSS 2.0 and understand how to apply the latest techniques to your site so that it will be in compliance with industry standards.

Legal Issues: Most small business are not aware of the multitude of legal issues that can crop up when creating a website. This can range from using copyrighted images to having proper privacy policies and terms of use. An agency that does website development will make sure everything is done properly.

Freeing Up Your Time: Perhaps the most important reason for you to hire an outside website developer is the amount of time it might take you to accomplish development as a non-expert. When you hire an outside developer, it frees up your time to concentrate on the aspects of your business that you excel at doing.

The Power of Integrating Email Marketing with Social Media

The-Power-of-Integrating-Email-MarketingEmail and Social Media in Our Daily Lives
Similar to email, social media has become integrated into the daily lives of consumers and professionals. More than half of all adults are now using more than one social media network and according to a recent study almost all top brands are also now using two or more social networks to promote their products and services and connect with their customers.

Email Marketing vs Social Media Reach
Even though consumers have adopted social media, email marketing messages are still five times more likely to be seen through targeted email than organic Facebook posts but integrating social media with your email marketing can help boost customer engagement and lead to increased sales and revenue.

Six Ways to Integrate Email Marketing with Social Media Campaigns
• Include social icons prominently in all of your email messages
• Announce new upcoming email messages on all of your social media accounts
• Share web-based versions of your emails on all your social media pages
• Use the Facebook Subscribe Form and the Twitter Lead Generation Card to get your social media followers to subscribe to your email list
• Add social media sharing buttons to your emails to help your emails be shared on social networks
• Use your social media pages to build your email list by adding email opt-in forms to all your social media channels

Email marketing has never been more important for brands. Email converts better overall than any other marketing channel but integrating social media with email marketing can help keep customers engaged, informed and educated on a real-time basis resulting in increased sales, revenue and ROI.

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Email Marketing and the benefits of Retargeting

By: Karen Waddell | VP of List Services, eTargetMedia

 Retargeting is Gaining MomentumEmail-Marketing-and-the-benefits-of-Retargeting
When you hear the term retargeting, you might think of ads that display on the web or in your social media accounts after visiting an advertisers website. In email marketing, retargeting or alternatively remarketing, can be as simple as the redeployment of an email advertisement to the same target audience within a set time. Email retargeting is gaining momentum as advertisers realize the benefits of multiple deployments to build brand awareness and generate revenue.

Retargeting to Opens
Sending a follow-up email campaign to those that opened an email campaign is a cost-effective way to reach a captive audience. The cost is usually minimal as you are only deploying to a subset of your original campaign. Importantly, you are resending to individuals that have already displayed an interest in your product or service.
Retargeting with Multiple Messages
Sending additional emails to the full audience of individuals that received your original broadcast maximizes the reach within your target audience. Not only are you reaching people that have already
shown an interest, but you can also reach those that may have missed your initial message. It also provides you with the opportunity to test different offers, content, and subject lines to see what resonates best with your audience. Multi-touch campaigns typically consist of 2 to 5 deployments, and discounts can be provided for pre-booking multiple deployments within 10 to 30 days of your initial broadcast.


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Use Targeted Mailing Lists to Reach Your Ideal Customer

targetGetting your message to the right customers is paramount to your marketing success. This is especially true for smaller companies that may lack the financial or manpower resources to launch extensive — and expensive — nationwide campaigns. While Fortune 500 businesses have the ability to use a shotgun approach to cover their bases and reach a mass audience, small companies don’t have this luxury. If you run a small business, you know that you need to work smarter in order to get ahead.

One of the ways that you can increase the effectiveness of your marketing is work with a company like eTargetMedia to pinpoint exactly who your customers are and determine the best way to reach out to them. Chances are that you understand the type of person who is most likely to purchase your product or use your service. They are likely a certain age, have a certain income or have kids. Doing research to fine tune this demographic information is critical to developing a profile of your typical customer.

Once you have determined who your customer is, your next step is to tailor your marketing to make sure you are reaching people like them. One way to do this is through the usage of targeted postal lists from eTargetMedia. We have comprehensive mailing lists with more than 150 million consumers and 15 million business professionals broken into specific categories. You can narrow your lists down by demographics, purchasing history or almost any other category imaginable. Combining these selections with eTarget Media allows you to create an extremely targeted mailing list that will have the best chance of reaching your ideal customer.

Looking for List Counts? It’s important to be Specific!

By: Karen Waddell | VP of List Services, eTargetMedia

 emailimgAs an email marketer I get hundreds of list counts each week. Sometimes for an email marketing campaign, other times for a direct mail list. I am often surprised at how many times I get counts that aren’t specific.

Imagine you send a list request targeting consumers in Hollywood. Being a Floridian, I might assume the count is for Hollywood, Florida. What if the advertiser is trying to reach Hollywood, CA? Did you know there are nine states that have a city named Hollywood (AL, AR, CA, FL, MD, MS, NM, PA, and SC)?

According to Wikipedia, there are 41 Springfield’s, 26 Clinton’s, 25 Madison’s, 24 Franklin’s, 24 Washington’s, 23 Chester’s, 23 Marion’s, 22 Greenville’s, 21 Georgetown’s, and 21 Salem’s; and that’s just the top ten most common city names.

It’s not just city targeting. Take Philadelphia for example, there are five states with cities named Philadelphia, but there is also a county in Pennsylvania with the same name, and you can also target by the Philadelphia metro area.

Geographic targeting is the most common selection criteria for targeted marketing campaigns. Geo-targeting capabilities in the United States include: zip code, zip code radius, SCF (the first 3 digits of a zip), city, county, metro area, state, or nationwide.

If the target audience is wrong, it can have a huge impact on the advertiser’s bottom line. If your marketing campaign is geo-targeted, make sure your list provider knows what you are requesting. If in doubt, list it out!

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The Advantages of Outsourcing Creative Services for Small Businesses

In a perfect world, you would create and revise your own marketing materials and website content. The reality is that if you are a small business owner, you simply don’t have the time or resources to make that happen. Working on your website or creating new marketing collateral is often pushed off as you deal with more pressing matters.

In many cases, working with an outside company such as eTargetMedia makes sense for your creative services. We’ve worked with many different companies to create marketing content that drives their business objectives forward. A few of the reasons that small businesses choose to outsource their creative services include:

Leveraging Expertise: Chances are that your company’s core competency isn’t in areas such as email design or landing page development. Companies such as eTargetMedia have on-staff experts who have helped both large and small businesses to develop high quality online content.

Utilizing Resources: Even if you have the experience and skills necessary to perform highly complex tasks such as designing the HTML for a landing page, there’s a good chance that you have limited time to actually do the work necessary to code a landing page correctly. As a small business owner, your time is better spent running your business while letting an outside company handle your creative services.

Industry Knowledge: Working with an outside company for creative services means that you are working with professionals who have industry knowledge and know how to design creative that engages consumers to act on the creative.

6 Reasons You Should Increase Your Email Marketing Budget


By: eTargetMedia

Email marketing has changed a lot over the past two decades. In the beginning, the goal of email marketing was to send out as many emails as possible with a “quantity over quality” model. Businesses quickly learned that targeted email lists and quality email creative is the most successful way to market through email. Social media and smart phones have changed the email marketing industry again. Consumers started using social media sites like Facebook and Twitter to communicate with friends and companies. Consumers are also using their smart phones more and more.

Some marketers forecasted that this would be the end of email marketing however research is indicating that email marketing is thriving and continuing to see growth and effectiveness. Companies who are effectively planning and executing their email campaigns, using targeted email lists and creative messaging are seeing substantial returns on their investment in the email marketing medium. Any business can see the rewards of email marketing with a strong, targeted email campaign. Email is alive and well and one of the most effective marketing mediums, so it’s time to consider increasing your email marketing budget.

1 | Email Marketing is Thriving

According to a study in 2014, over 70 percent of marketers claimed that email marketing was a core strategy for their business and they were planning to increase their email marketing budgets in 2015. The growth in email marketing may be due to all of the options email marketers have today or the increase of people who are opening emails on their smart phones. Email marketing is thriving, and it’s a trend you should get behind.

2 | You Can Measure Your Email Marketing ROI

One of the greatest benefits of email marketing is that you can measure your campaign results. With every email campaign you send out, you can track open rates, click through rates and ROI so you know what’s working and you can determine if the increase in budget is resulting in a profitable return.

3 | Email Marketing is More Cost Effective Than Other Marketing Mediums

The cost of creating email messages and renting email lists is a lot lower than creating print advertisements, direct mail promotions, or television ads. You don’t have to purchase ad space and you don’t have to pay for printing or mailing. Email tends to get the highest ROI so a small increase in budget can go a long way.

4 | Email Increases Brand Loyalty, Customer Engagement and Sales

Email marketing can work together with all of your marketing efforts to increase brand loyalty, customer engagement and sales. Your email marketing campaigns can feed all of your marketing channels by directing people to your store, blog, social media pages and more.

5 | Email Marketing is Easy to Implement

Email marketing can be executed pretty quickly so you can launch campaigns in a short time frame and optimize your email campaigns on the fly to get the best results. Increasing your email budget gives you the opportunity to test different lists and creative messaging, giving you the ability to determine what works best for your company.

6 | Email Marketing is in Demand

Consumers want to receive email promotions from companies they are customers of or loyal to. To meet this demand for email you will need to step up your overall budget. Send your customers great email designs with special offers including discounts, sales, free giveaways, and special deals. When you create emails that have value to your customers, you meet your audience’s needs and you will see the rewards.


Three Facts that Prove Email Marketing is Here to Stay

Whether you’re a marketing professional or a business owner, you are probably aware of the power of email marketing. Indeed it is considered the top marketing channel in the digital world and many companies are already investing more of their time and money into crafting effective email marketing campaigns.

But does email marketing truly live up to its reputation as an effective way to reach a target audience, or is it just another marketing trend that will fade out of style? Statistics don’t lie; email marketing is here to stay. Let’s look at the facts. Here are three email marketing statistics that prove email marketing is not going anywhere:

The Number of Email Users is Growing

It’s hard to find someone who doesn’t have an email address. Statistics reveal that there are currently over 3.9 billion people who use email, and this number grows on a daily basis. By 2017, the email audience is forecasted to increase to a whopping 4.9 billion. One billion new accounts in only two years reveals that email is only increasing in only growing in popularity. For this reason alone it’s important that businesses take this channel of marketing very seriously. This means that you will need to create highly targeted, personal, and relevant email marketing campaigns.

The Majority of Online Consumers Use Email

If you’re browsing the internet, chances are you have an email account. How many online consumers use email? An impressive 95 percent. And of those 95 percent, 91 percent check their accounts at least once a day, while many report that they check their accounts multiple times. People who use the internet in the U.S. have an average of 3.1 email addresses, which includes both personal and business accounts. This means that marketers can target customers for both business and consumer products and services.

Mobile Access to Email is Growing

Forrester Research reports that 72 percent of U.S. online adults send and receive business and personal emails through smartphones everyday. The ability for users to access their email accounts via mobile devices is also growing at a steady rate. Marketers can use mobile email to send targeted messages to consumers on the go as well as on the one device that is always with them.

Do you want to increase conversion rates and grow your business? It’s all about email marketing. If you haven’t invested your time and money into creating effective email marketing campaigns, now is the time. Contact eTargetMedia for more information.